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Some tips for using eggs

How to Calculate and Reduce the Consumption of Calories in Eggs

You are still confused about cholesterol and calories in eggs?, Please refer back to the number of calories in egg and nutrients in the egg here. The most stupid and simple way to find out how many eggs per day is good for the consumer are as follows :

 tips for using eggs

Based on research, complete with egg on her skin contained Ca 48mg/100gr, niacin 0.6% mg/100kkal, Oxalic mg/100gr 0 to 0.9, P 183mg/100gr, 11mg/100gr Mg, Na 122mg/100gr, Co 0 , 1mikrogr/gr, 129mg/100gr K, Mg 0.5 mikrogr / g and Zn 21mikrogr/gr. Raw egg itself contains 1.1 mikrogr / gr B6 and thiamin 1.1 mikrogr / gr.

In the egg white (albumin) contained approximately 20Kcal/100gr, 0 (gr/100gr) fat, 10.8 (gr/100gr) protein and 0.8 (gr/100gr) carbohydrates.

While in the egg yolk contained about 162Kcal/100gr, 31.9 (gr/100gr) fat, 16.3 (gr/100gr) protein and 0.7 (gr/100gr) carbohydrates.

The calculation of the number of calories in eggs are good for the consumer is, if the calories in 100 grams for 162 calories an egg, then in 1 gram of eggs will contain calories by 1.62 calories. And if an average egg weighs 60 grams, the calories in eggs was 1.62 x 60 grams = 97.2 Kcal.

Egg Yolk Benefits for Eye Health

tips for using eggs

Is egg yolk good for eye health?. Cant be denied, the eggs are high protein sources. Involuntarily we always make it a standard size for other protein sources. Protein serves to improve the bodys organs. Muscle, skin, and organs all composed of protein. Protein itself consists of 20 amino acids are different, and 9 of which are not produced by our own bodies. Eggs contain nine essential substances and amino acids, which works to increase levels of protein in the body. For a diet, eggs can not be avoided. Levels of fat and calories low enough eggs. One egg contains only 71 cal.

Inside the egg, contained 6.25 grams of protein and less carbohydrates. It is easily digested and absorbed by the body to make an egg into an ideal source of nutrition for people who are sick, especially for people with impaired pencernaan.Beberapa of us also worry about the high cholesterol content in eggs. In fact, that assumption is incorrect. Research at Harvard University stated there was no association between cardiovascular disease and eating eggs. There is also the supposition that the eggs resulting in coronary heart disease and stroke. In fact, rates of coronary heart disease remains the lowest in Japan, because they generally do not consume eggs slightly.

Highly recommended to consume at least 1 whole egg per day, because eggs are the source of protein with the highest biological value. Protein in the egg most easily absorbed by the body. Eggs have a biological value of 93.7 percent. Try to compare it with milk which is about 83 percent, about 76 percent of fish, and meat 74.3 percent.

Not only the protein alone, there are eggs in a variety of essential vitamins and minerals that are important to the human body, such as riboflavin and thiamin. At least, there are 13 kinds of vitamins, including vitamin A, B, D and vitamin E. Minerals are also good because there are zinc and phosphorus. Inside the egg, there are also Zeaxanthin and Lutein. Two of these substances can reduce the risk of disease due to aging, such as blindness for people aged over 65 years. In addition, Zeaxanthin and Lutein which is in an egg may help maintain eye health and protect the eyes from ultraviolet effects of sunlight.

Because the content of vitamin A in egg yolk is very high, so that when eating eggs regularly is believed to prevent premature blindness. Eggs help to slow the occurrence of blindness due to degeneration process. Even with eating enough eggs, the risk of cataracts can be reduced significantly. Experts recommend consuming 1 to 2 eggs a day. Well, pretty obvious is not it?, It turns out in the eggs contain many substances that are beneficial to eye health.

How to Choose and Store a Good Egg?

tips for using eggs

How to choose and store eggs are good and healthy?. A very simple way of choosing a good egg is, by making use of lighting. Yes, way in the overlay. When the overlay with a light, fresh eggs dont have air bags that can be seen. The second way is to look and feel physically. A good egg is usually more severe and its contents are not shaking when shaken. And the last way to know the eggs are fresh and new is by immersion into water. Put eggs into a bucket that has been hand water, then soak. If the eggs sink to the position of elongated, usually an egg is fresh eggs. Conversely, if the floating eggs can say is no longer fresh.

Once choosed, fresh and good eggs by using one simple method above, the next step is how to store a good egg, egg aim to stay awake well stay safe and healthy for consumption. According to research, raw eggs is a suitable medium for the proliferation of bacteria, especially Salmonella Enteridis bacteria. However, do not be afraid of the possibility of such bacteria. The most important thing is we must know how to correct storage and utilization.

Actually though the faster the eggs in or on the consumption, the better. If it must be stored, store eggs in the refrigerator. No need to be washed first, because really when chickens lay eggs, there is a layer of wet and then dries quickly, this layer protects the eggs from exposure to bacteria. Except when the egg is really dirty, almost on all the eggs are chicken shit. However, it is not advisable to store the eggs in a long time.

Safe to Consume Raw Eggs?

tips for using eggs

Many say that eating raw eggs is very good. In fact, safe to consume raw eggs?. Need to know, sometimes eggs also contain Salmonella bacteria, so it is not recommended to be eaten in a raw state. Especially for people who have high risk such as pregnant women, children and the elderly. Eggs should be consumed after cooking in advance until completely cooked.

Eggshell. This is where the actual function of the eggshell. The main functions of the egg shell or skin without us knowing it is as a protector to protect the eggs (egg contents) of transmission of bacterial infections, especially Salmonella Enteridis bacteria . Egg shells make pretty sterile. With the shell, the risk of bacterial contamination of eggs is only 5 of 100 thousand eggs. 

Eggs alone have the ability to protect themselves from bacteria from the existing layer in the shell, white, until the deepest part of the yolk. Membranes in the egg shells contain lysozome which are substances that help prevent bacterial infection. While in the egg yolk membrane separates the nutrient-rich yolk from the whites to the yolk is still protected. Egg white layer itself prevents bacterial growth.

Causes and How to Cope With Egg Allergies

Egg allergy is common, especially in young children. Adults are rarely allergic to eggs. Generally, allergies that caused by the egg is ulcers. When eating eggs, suddenly appeared red boils and makes the child uncomfortable. Obviously this is very annoying. The question is, what causes allergies?.

Protein substances is very beneficial for the body. But there are some people, especially young children who can not stand with proteins such as that contained in eggs. An egg contains proteins commonly referred to as ovomukoid. Benefits of this protein is actually as the immune system. However, in people allergic to eggs, their bodys immune system actually considers the protein as a substance that is not good for health and must be removed from the body.

Then, the immune system produces an antibody against this protein (ovomukoid) called immunoglobulin E (IgE). Well, if our children are eating more eggs, although a little, Immunoglobulin E will immediately detect substances ovomukoid eggs, then sends a signal to the immune system to release some chemical compounds, especially histamine into the bloodstream.

After that, the substance ovomukoid eggs will be removed. For information, Histamine is the chemical compound that is very strong. These substances can affect mainly the skin, cardiovascular system, respiratory system and digestive system.

In an extreme allergic to eggs, the patient may lose consciousness. But egg allergies are usually only appear in red itchy bumps. When this happens, do not panic, just give children medications that contain antihistamines. Postpone giving eggs to children up to age 2 years. Having given antihistamines, the impact of egg allergy will usually get better quickly.


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