Quail eggs Natural remedy, Nutrition Facts & Calories

Quail eggs Natural remedy, Nutrition Facts & Calories

Quail eggs are also recommended for those plagued with contagious digestive tract disorders such as gastritis, stomach ulcers, and duodenal ulcers. They are an effective, all-natural alternative to over-the-counter ulcer remedies that reduce stomach acid levels. By easily incorporating quail eggs into a daily diet without pills and unpleasant foods, an individual can painlessly establish lasting relief from ulcers and acid related discomfort.

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Its recommended usage is largely based on the quail egg's high alkaline forming and antioxidant nutrients.In addition to that calories in an egg Quail are low. Clinical studies now justify using natural antioxidants to treat peptic ulcers and gastritis as both ailments are proven to be caused by oxidative stress and a free radical overload. As a food rich in selenium and Vitamin A, quail eggs qualify as an antioxidant.

Nutrients ideal for child brain development

Kid Friendly Choline Nutrition for Child Brain Building

What parent does not want their child to make great academic strides? The big question is how can they improve their child's chances of educational and lifelong success and improve memory? The acquisition of knowledge relies on both a child's memory capabilities and their level of intelligence quotient (IQ). Some parents rely on multi-vitamins and brain foods rich in vitamin B, D, and omega-3 fatty acids to help improve memory.

On the other hand, quail eggs are a natural source of choline, which produce the neurotransmitter acetylcholine, needed to improve brain development and produce smart kids. Quail eggs are also a great source of both omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, the latter not easily found in kid friendly brain foods. Moreover, the fats found in quail eggs help the body fully absorb vitamins and minerals. Kid's breakfast options are normally high in sugar and low in protein therefore, the quail egg is an optimal solution because kid's like eggs. Intelligence, including improved memory and a high IQ for kids is easily attainable with the dedicated consumption of quail eggs.

Omega-3 Fatty Acids for Fetal Brain Development

Nearly 70% of a newborn baby's brain is made up of omega 3 fats. These omega 3 fats coincide with fetal brain development, as they have a tremendous impact on the child behavioral problems, sleep patterns, and even lead to a higher IQ. Pre-Natal supplements and other foods rich in vitamins are a good choice for pregnant mothers and newborn babies, but don't you want to provide the best for your baby? What if you could provide the essential choline needed for fetal brain function, development and protection of neural cells in the brain, along with the protein, which will aid in nerve development and promote blood vessel growth, all in one healthy alternative? Well look no further, the quail egg has all the benefits of supplements without having to take a pill, and will enhance baby brain activity and improve nerve development in your baby's brain.

You will have all the key elements in helping your fetal baby brain, newborn baby, and even your infant's baby brain development, and all in one easy process. Meanwhile, you will sleep better knowing you are providing the best foundation for your child's growth and healthy brain development.

Tone your body while boosting your libido

High Protein, Low Carb Body Building

With Quail eggs, you get the high protein foods that your muscles need. Unlike many protein powders and bars riddled with wasteful fat and sugars, quail eggs do no waste extra calories on carbohydrates and fat. For those of you need to lose weight, quail eggs allow you to consider low carb diets without feeling guilty of adding excess fat and high cholesterol to your system. Now imagine feeling fuller longer than what you can expect from a shake or bar.

As an enriched source of phosphorous, proteins, and Vitamin B, Vitamin D and Vitamin E, quail eggs stimulate and nourish the prostate gland which is vital to a man's sexual health. Although many find that prescription based sexual stimulates can effectively boost a man's libido, many of these supplements suffer from side effects like cotton mouth, achiness, and stomach pains. These supplements may also be dangerous if you have ever had a heart condition or experienced a stroke or severe hypotension.

Quail eggs aren't time induced like most pills, so you won't have to worry about planning that special time. You won't have to worry about a time window when you eat quail eggs like you do with most pills. Increase your sexual stamina and potency naturally without having to feel guilty about what you eat or take supplements.

Quail eggs contain natural vitamins and proteins that are proven to increase sexual performance. When incorporated in your daily diet, quail eggs not only stimulate sexual desire and potency, they also give you energy. And unlike other sexual boosters like chocolate or pumpkin seeds, quail eggs are a low fat/ low carb aphrodisiacs that also fills you up. In addition to that calories in an egg Quail is only 71 calories compared to 155 in a chicken egg.

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Prevention and recovery of cancer and heart disease

Inoffensive Cancer Antioxidant with Energy for Recovery

It is no surprise that the number of cancer patients is on the rise. The growth of pesticides and other unnatural treatments polluting our food and water supply are steadily increasing our exposure to toxic substances and unstable molecules (i.e., free radicals) that may lead to cancer. Antioxidant foods are recommended to prevent cancer as they protect cells from free radical damage. As a product rich in Vitamin A and selenium, quail eggs qualify as an antioxidant. What's more, they provide a tasty alternative to the many unpleasant detoxification products and antioxidant foods on the market.

Quail eggs not only prevent cancer, they benefit those undergoing cancer treatments due to its high alkaline properties that provide an environment unsuitable for cancer growth. Those cancer patients faced with harsh cancer treatments know all too well the effects on the body from chemotherapy effects or recovery following surgery to remove cancer growth. So if you are a cancer patient looking for a natural, readily available, healthy and vitamin rich solution to give you that longer lasting boost of energy, then quail eggs may be your solution. Moreover, they will help strengthen your immune system while repairing damaged tissues following cancer treatments.

Versatile Food for Overall Healthy Heart Rate

Heart disease is becoming a leading cause of death in the U.S. If you are looking for a healthy heart diet to prevent heart disease, or just looking for food, which is good at lowering blood pressure, then quail eggs are your solution. To treat heart disease, people tend to exercise and eat a healthy heart diet.

As a food low in carbohydrates and bad cholesterol, quail eggs will extend your lifespan by controlling and lowering blood pressure. Furthermore, quail eggs also improve a person's blood lipids profile. Finally, as a food rich in folic acid, Vitamin B12, iron, phosphorus, protein, riboflavin and selenium, quail eggs are any
excellent choice for reducing heart disease.


If you are among the 20% of the American population suffering from allergic rhinitis and hay fever, you are likely frustrated with the nagging symptoms of sneezing, congestion, itchy eyes and generalized fatigue. Are you struggling to find an effective remedy that is 100% natural? Quail eggs are an effective natural alternative to conventional antihistamines that help reduce mucus obstruction to airflow by inhibiting the production of harmful chemicals (e.g., histamines, IgE and free radicals) in our bodies.

Quail eggs, in particular, are an exceptionally rich source of Vitamin A and selenium thereby qualifying them as an antioxidant that can improve the lung function. Moreover, its high ratio of Omega-3 to Omega-6 fatty acids makes it a great choice for reducing inflammation without the uneasiness of applying inhalers.

So imagine your flair-ups disappearing without drowsiness from antihistamines, weight gain, the repeat application of lotions, and potentially harmful steroid treatments. Quail eggs have not only been used successfully to help combat allergies, they help maintain a healthy respiratory system and bronchial tract using the body's natural healing elements. So relax and take a deep breath.

Cultural reminders at breakfast, events & street corner canapés

Nostalgic Street Corner Canapés

Are you in the mood for food that is satisfying, quick, and easy to eat while you enjoy the city? Quail eggs are a perfect meal to eat on the go while roaming the city or enjoying street festivals. Imagine a quail egg deep fried with an orange batter just like the Filipino Kwek Kwek or Tukneneng street snack. Or throw it on a Columbian hotdog, and earn your true cultural bragging rights.

Quail eggs are also ideal for events associated with holiday or other cultural festivities. And since the shell of the egg is a natural defense to bacteria, you can rest assured that the food will not spoil or contaminate like other street corner foods. calories in an egg quail do no waste extra calories on carbohydrates and fat. For those of you need to lose weight, Finally, the quail egg will keep you energized while not upsetting your stomach from acidic foods or foreign parasites.

Authentic Homeland Food for the Traditionalist at Heart

A key to having a cultural festivity is to have the ability to offer authentic foods that help replicate your traditional celebration. The quail egg serves that purpose by offering a familiar taste that is used in many Asian food dishes and Asian food recipes. So why feel obliged to imitate your heritage with westernized substitutes? Instead, you can maintain your cultural celebrations with a familiar tasting quail egg that does not compromise your traditional Asian customs.

For many, the quail egg itself is a distinct delicacy that sets some cultures apart. Consequently, its distinct flavor and decorative appeal can bring life to many Asian celebrations as patrons share their homeland ties. Quail eggs also have the appropriate size and ingredients to complement many of the miniaturized appetizers so common to Asian dishes.

Asian Breakfast Just Like Home

Do you wake up in the morning and have that homeland craving of foods you used to enjoy back home? Being away from home can cause serious cravings for familiar foods you long to consume. One way to satisfy your cultural morning appetite is to eat quail eggs. As a main staple in the Asian diet, quail eggs will bring back the memories of Vietnamese bánh baos, Chinese steamed buns or Pad Thai recipes. What's more, you can prepare several different dishes from this egg with ingredients close to home.
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