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foods to lose weight : Nutrition Facts & Calories

foods to lose weight

There are roughly 75-80 calories in an egg. Now you know. But my experience of losing weight told me that counting calories is of little use when trying to shed the pounds. I lost 24 pounds in 7 weeks – easily. I feel very healthy, and I didn’t spend anything to do it; in fact I think I probably saved myself money at the same time! Keep reading, and I’ll tell you how…

Obviously, the basic truth of losing weight and keeping it off is to consume less calories than your body burns up in the course of a day. For a reasonably active man that’s roughly 2,500 calories every 24 hours. For a woman, it’s something like 2,000. If only it was that easy! There are lots of factors that affect how our bodies burn up those calories, and this is where we have to be clever.

For most overweight people, wanting to eat when you don’t need to is the problem. This is where the dreaded “will-power” comes into it. I think we all know the feeling of not being hungry but at the same time, having the urge to eat something. Usually it’s a snack, cake or fast food product our body definitely does not need. Then, afterwards we feel ashamed and even worse about ourselves?

foods to lose weightThe simple fact is that there’s something inside us driving us to eat. It may be low self-esteem, or because food will “help us solve our problems”. Comfort eating. Deep down we know that a big, sticky cake or chocolate bar, full of sweetness and calories isn’t going to help, but e want it anyway. With me, the big danger food was pasta. I’d eat a big bowl that would feed four healthy Italians and then come back for more.

I also loved to eat sandwiches. For lunch, I’d maybe eat two or sometimes even three and tell myself it wasn’t as filling as a real meal. Or I’d have a risotto. Possibly followed by a cake or pastry. Do you see a trend developing here?

Pasta, bread, rice, cake, pastry… all carbohydrates.

I already knew that the Atkins Diet, which basically avoids carbs altogether, had issues associated with it. Bad breath and problems “on the toilet” were the least of it. Carbs are the body’s main source of energy and to cut them out completely is obviously madness.

The simple truth is that human beings should eat sensibly, and that involves a balanced diet. This involves eating:

Proteins: they are essential to our well-being. Sources of protein include eggs, meat, cheese, lentils, beans and other pulses and legumes, nuts and seeds.

foods to lose weight
Carbohydrates: the chief source of the body’s energy. Rice, pasta, bread, and potatoes are our main (and healthiest) sources of carbs.

Fats: another source of energy and required to absorb vitamins and minerals from the food we eat.
This is why any diet that involves cutting out these important food groups is crazy and will not work in the long run. To lose weight, I just cut out junk food and reduced my intake of carbs. I ate more fruit and vegetables and didn’t worry in the slightest about eating fat.

Eggs: yes, you would expect me to be passionate about eggs and I am. It’s been proved over and over again that eggs and dietary cholesterol do not affect cholesterol levels in the blood in any adverse way. In fact it may help by giving you the kind of cholesterol the body needs to function properly

How I lost 27 pounds in 50 days and felt great!

When I embarked on my diet, I took no account whatsoever of how many calories were in what I ate. Sometimes this can be misleading. For example, I would think nothing of eating a 200 gram pack of mixed nuts and seeds for my lunch. That would be well over 1,000 calories, but what that piece of information does not reveal is how much energy my body would use digesting it, or of the benefits of the nutrients I wouldn’t otherwise be getting.

What Is the Number of Calories in an Egg?

Here you have an extended version of how many calories in egg can be:

- if you have raw eggs, 1 small egg contains 54 calories, 1 medium egg has 63 calories, 1 large egg has 72 calories, 1 extra large egg is rich in 80 calories, and 1 jumbo egg has 90 calories;

- a whole, cooked and scrambled egg has 23 calories for a small size and 101 calories for a large size;

- if you have a whole, hard-boiled egg, there are 13 calories in a small one, and 78 calories in a large egg;

- for a large fried egg, the amount of calories is about 92;

- for a whole poached egg of a large size, there 74 calories;

- for an omelet cooked with a whole egg of a small size, the amount of calories is about 23, and with 
a whole large egg, it is 93 calories;

- a whole dried egg contains 30 calories;

- a whole, dried, glucose reduced and stabilized egg has 31 calories in it.

We hope that this information about how many calories in egg are, will be helpful for you. You can also find egg calories information on the box when you buy eggs from the supermarket, since there are some regulations as for the nutritional value requirements to be be clearly displayed to a consumer.

For breakfast, I’d have an apple followed by a typical British breakfast of fried egg, mushroom and sausage. I’m a vegetarian, so I don’t eat bacon or sausages made from meat. But no toast or cereal for me.

If I needed a snack during the day, I’d have an apple, banana or other type of fruit. Maybe a small bag of nuts or dried apricots. Anything that didn’t involve carbs

At lunchtime, I’d go for a salad with cheese or hummus. If I ate meat, I’d probably have steak or some other kind of meat. Maybe fish. The things to avoid are fish in batter or breadcrumbs, plus rice and potatoes. Especially fries.

My main meal in the evening would be what I’d normally eat if I wasn’t trying to lose shed those pounds. The only difference would be that I’d try and have wholegrain pasta or rice instead of the usual white. I’d even find room for a pudding some days. Not every day, just as a treat.

I’d also try and cut down on my alcohol intake: what dieters refer to as “empty calories” (LOL!). I like a beer, so instead of 4-5 light beers during the course of an evening, maybe I’d have one or two that were stronger. I’d also try and drink more water during the course of the day.

The big thing I noticed is that my body was satisfied with less food, especially in the morning and around lunchtime. The only problem came after dinner, when those naughty carbs would try and kid me that I needed more and more… Even so, it worked!

I know it’s very tempting to weigh yourself every day, twice a day even. Don’t do it. Your weight will fluctuate slightly and you’ll find that you’ll need to go t0 the toilet more often. Don’t worry, that’s normal. Weigh yourself once a week and set yourself a reasonable target for the next weighing. You’ll find you’ll shed the pounds and start to feel better about yourself.

This video from Fox News highlights the dangers of cutting out carbs altogether. believe me, provided you do what I did and eat lots of raw fruit, vegetables, salads, nuts and seeds, you’ll be fine:


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