Some tips for using eggs

How to Calculate and Reduce the Consumption of Calories in Eggs

You are still confused about cholesterol and calories in eggs?, Please refer back to the number of calories in egg and nutrients in the egg here. The most stupid and simple way to find out how many eggs per day is good for the consumer are as follows :

 tips for using eggs

Based on research, complete with egg on her skin contained Ca 48mg/100gr, niacin 0.6% mg/100kkal, Oxalic mg/100gr 0 to 0.9, P 183mg/100gr, 11mg/100gr Mg, Na 122mg/100gr, Co 0 , 1mikrogr/gr, 129mg/100gr K, Mg 0.5 mikrogr / g and Zn 21mikrogr/gr. Raw egg itself contains 1.1 mikrogr / gr B6 and thiamin 1.1 mikrogr / gr.

In the egg white (albumin) contained approximately 20Kcal/100gr, 0 (gr/100gr) fat, 10.8 (gr/100gr) protein and 0.8 (gr/100gr) carbohydrates.

While in the egg yolk contained about 162Kcal/100gr, 31.9 (gr/100gr) fat, 16.3 (gr/100gr) protein and 0.7 (gr/100gr) carbohydrates.

The calculation of the number of calories in eggs are good for the consumer is, if the calories in 100 grams for 162 calories an egg, then in 1 gram of eggs will contain calories by 1.62 calories. And if an average egg weighs 60 grams, the calories in eggs was 1.62 x 60 grams = 97.2 Kcal.

Egg Yolk Benefits for Eye Health

tips for using eggs

Is egg yolk good for eye health?. Cant be denied, the eggs are high protein sources. Involuntarily we always make it a standard size for other protein sources. Protein serves to improve the bodys organs. Muscle, skin, and organs all composed of protein. Protein itself consists of 20 amino acids are different, and 9 of which are not produced by our own bodies. Eggs contain nine essential substances and amino acids, which works to increase levels of protein in the body. For a diet, eggs can not be avoided. Levels of fat and calories low enough eggs. One egg contains only 71 cal.

Inside the egg, contained 6.25 grams of protein and less carbohydrates. It is easily digested and absorbed by the body to make an egg into an ideal source of nutrition for people who are sick, especially for people with impaired pencernaan.Beberapa of us also worry about the high cholesterol content in eggs. In fact, that assumption is incorrect. Research at Harvard University stated there was no association between cardiovascular disease and eating eggs. There is also the supposition that the eggs resulting in coronary heart disease and stroke. In fact, rates of coronary heart disease remains the lowest in Japan, because they generally do not consume eggs slightly.

Highly recommended to consume at least 1 whole egg per day, because eggs are the source of protein with the highest biological value. Protein in the egg most easily absorbed by the body. Eggs have a biological value of 93.7 percent. Try to compare it with milk which is about 83 percent, about 76 percent of fish, and meat 74.3 percent.

Not only the protein alone, there are eggs in a variety of essential vitamins and minerals that are important to the human body, such as riboflavin and thiamin. At least, there are 13 kinds of vitamins, including vitamin A, B, D and vitamin E. Minerals are also good because there are zinc and phosphorus. Inside the egg, there are also Zeaxanthin and Lutein. Two of these substances can reduce the risk of disease due to aging, such as blindness for people aged over 65 years. In addition, Zeaxanthin and Lutein which is in an egg may help maintain eye health and protect the eyes from ultraviolet effects of sunlight.

Because the content of vitamin A in egg yolk is very high, so that when eating eggs regularly is believed to prevent premature blindness. Eggs help to slow the occurrence of blindness due to degeneration process. Even with eating enough eggs, the risk of cataracts can be reduced significantly. Experts recommend consuming 1 to 2 eggs a day. Well, pretty obvious is not it?, It turns out in the eggs contain many substances that are beneficial to eye health.

How to Choose and Store a Good Egg?

tips for using eggs

How to choose and store eggs are good and healthy?. A very simple way of choosing a good egg is, by making use of lighting. Yes, way in the overlay. When the overlay with a light, fresh eggs dont have air bags that can be seen. The second way is to look and feel physically. A good egg is usually more severe and its contents are not shaking when shaken. And the last way to know the eggs are fresh and new is by immersion into water. Put eggs into a bucket that has been hand water, then soak. If the eggs sink to the position of elongated, usually an egg is fresh eggs. Conversely, if the floating eggs can say is no longer fresh.

Once choosed, fresh and good eggs by using one simple method above, the next step is how to store a good egg, egg aim to stay awake well stay safe and healthy for consumption. According to research, raw eggs is a suitable medium for the proliferation of bacteria, especially Salmonella Enteridis bacteria. However, do not be afraid of the possibility of such bacteria. The most important thing is we must know how to correct storage and utilization.

Actually though the faster the eggs in or on the consumption, the better. If it must be stored, store eggs in the refrigerator. No need to be washed first, because really when chickens lay eggs, there is a layer of wet and then dries quickly, this layer protects the eggs from exposure to bacteria. Except when the egg is really dirty, almost on all the eggs are chicken shit. However, it is not advisable to store the eggs in a long time.

Safe to Consume Raw Eggs?

tips for using eggs

Many say that eating raw eggs is very good. In fact, safe to consume raw eggs?. Need to know, sometimes eggs also contain Salmonella bacteria, so it is not recommended to be eaten in a raw state. Especially for people who have high risk such as pregnant women, children and the elderly. Eggs should be consumed after cooking in advance until completely cooked.

Eggshell. This is where the actual function of the eggshell. The main functions of the egg shell or skin without us knowing it is as a protector to protect the eggs (egg contents) of transmission of bacterial infections, especially Salmonella Enteridis bacteria . Egg shells make pretty sterile. With the shell, the risk of bacterial contamination of eggs is only 5 of 100 thousand eggs. 

Eggs alone have the ability to protect themselves from bacteria from the existing layer in the shell, white, until the deepest part of the yolk. Membranes in the egg shells contain lysozome which are substances that help prevent bacterial infection. While in the egg yolk membrane separates the nutrient-rich yolk from the whites to the yolk is still protected. Egg white layer itself prevents bacterial growth.

Causes and How to Cope With Egg Allergies

Egg allergy is common, especially in young children. Adults are rarely allergic to eggs. Generally, allergies that caused by the egg is ulcers. When eating eggs, suddenly appeared red boils and makes the child uncomfortable. Obviously this is very annoying. The question is, what causes allergies?.

Protein substances is very beneficial for the body. But there are some people, especially young children who can not stand with proteins such as that contained in eggs. An egg contains proteins commonly referred to as ovomukoid. Benefits of this protein is actually as the immune system. However, in people allergic to eggs, their bodys immune system actually considers the protein as a substance that is not good for health and must be removed from the body.

Then, the immune system produces an antibody against this protein (ovomukoid) called immunoglobulin E (IgE). Well, if our children are eating more eggs, although a little, Immunoglobulin E will immediately detect substances ovomukoid eggs, then sends a signal to the immune system to release some chemical compounds, especially histamine into the bloodstream.

After that, the substance ovomukoid eggs will be removed. For information, Histamine is the chemical compound that is very strong. These substances can affect mainly the skin, cardiovascular system, respiratory system and digestive system.

In an extreme allergic to eggs, the patient may lose consciousness. But egg allergies are usually only appear in red itchy bumps. When this happens, do not panic, just give children medications that contain antihistamines. Postpone giving eggs to children up to age 2 years. Having given antihistamines, the impact of egg allergy will usually get better quickly.

Egg Calories

If you are like one of the many millions who are trying to lead a healthy lifestyle with proper diet and exercises, and need to know the proper foods to intake, then youve come to the right place. Many people eat very poorly and exercise regularly and wonder why they arent getting the results that they want. It is extremely important to have balanced meals as part of leading a healthy lifestyle that will transform your bodys image into what it truly has potential to be.

Egg Calories

An important part of having that balanced diet is making sure you have a good protein intake. A greet source of protein is egg. Of course it isn’t all about intake. You also want to make sure you are counting the amount of calories you are taking in as well. This site will give you the calories an egg.

Of course there are different sizes of eggs, which will have impact on how many calories are in each egg. Some of the larger eggs that are usually found labeled “Jumbo Eggs” can have slightly more calories than the regular sized eggs.

The most healthy part of the egg is actually the egg white. That is where all of the protein truly comes from, so in turn, if you want to eat the most healthy egg breakfast you possibly can, then be sure to pick up some egg white at the grocery store. You can find egg white in cartons like you would find milk. You may even be surprised to find that the taste actually isnt that much different from normal egg meals either! It is easy to make omelets with carton egg white too. Just pour the amount you would like the size of your omelet to be. This is an example of a breakfast that can be great before a workout to lose fat and build lean muscle mass!

There is no other easier way to count the egg calories when you pour egg whites either!

When doing research on how to keep your body in tip top shape, we know how important it is to you that you get the right information. We want you to have the comfort of knowing that all the information provided here is accurate. That is why we give you the opportunity to check out other egg calorie statistics from other credible resources.

Your body is a temple, and you need to make sure it is treated right. It can do much more than just make you look thinner or for guys, more muscular. It can actually lengthen the time you live your life as well. Counting calories is a choice. It is a very healthy choice to monitor the amount of different types of nutrients you intake. After all that is the way to achieve any of your body shaping goals.
There are countless types of products out there promising you results. However, it turns out most of all those products arent nearly as effective as just living a healthier lifestyle by watching what you eat. It may seem shocking that all of those expensive supplements and powders dont have nearly the effect on you as what you choose as nourishment every day. It should also be a relief that you dont have to count on those expensive products to lead you towards your healthier life.

Fat Loss Diet Program while eating plenty of Eggs A Week

Are you tired of looking for a good free weight loss diet program that can fulfill your low in calorie needs while trying to make the food you eat at least be decent tasting? Almost all of the good tasting foods you eat most likely where full of negative nutrients and high in cholesterol. This is especially true since here in America, we are known for our huge supply of fast food chain restaurants that are ready to serve us at any hour of the day, and especially late at night.

Well now you dont have to look any further for a great tasting meal with lots of healthy benefits from it! Many people dont realize how eggs can add a great deal amount of good health to you as well as making some tasty dishes with it as well. Not only do they make some tasty dishes, but also make it easy to keep a close eye on your calorie count! Weight loss can be made easy with healthy dishes, proper exercise, and a great positive attitude even.

Egg Calories

With this article I am writing to you all today, you will be given the proper tools and guidance to live a healthier lifestyle. If you are wanting to lose weight then the first step is to find out what your proper BMI (body mass index) is. This is the weight that you should weight for your height, and a get way to get your body on the right track. You can check your body mass index by going to and filling the BMI calculator out with your information. Once you do this, you will then want to know what food will be appropriate for you to eat.

These foods need to be low in saturated fat, and be full go healthy nutrients that will be able to be turned into fuel for your body. Eggs are a great source of protein and excellent nourishment for a workout. Eggs are extremely low in calories and have such a positive impact on your body. If you are looking for a new recipe to make your tongue taste satisfaction and make you look better as well, then you need to consider checking this post which has plenty of great information on the styles of eggs! Egg Calories Counter

Losing weight is so simple itll make you Feel Like An Idiot!

The best thing you can do when wanting to lose weight is to eat around 7 meals a day. You may think I sound crazy for tell you to eat that much, but Im not! It is all about portion size. If you eat smaller amounts but more frequently throughout the day, you will be getting your metabolic rate up right off the bat! It is awesome knowing that your body is already burning calories much faster without even lifting a finger to exercise! But dont stop there! In order to get those results and lose pounds and pounds of fat, you need to put in the work as well.

This is where you will want to implement a variety of different exercises to get your heart rate up. The goal is to do work that makes your heart rate speed up. After a while of doing the same exercises or the same amount of weight over and over again, your body goes through what is known as the plateau effect. This is where your body gets used to the exercises that you are constantly doing and adjust to where you are able to do them with much less effort. You will need mix it up in order to burn those fatty acids to the max!

How Many Calories Does She Want To Burn?

This is the question you need to ask yourself. IF you want the top notch result of you body, then you will need to take the time out of your day in order to put in the work! Those calories will not burn all by themselves and you need to do everything you can in order to keep your metabolic rate up so that even during the night while you are asleep, you will be burning calories! I hope this helps!

When searching for information about the calories in an egg, it can get kind of confusing sometimes. There are simply so many different calorie counters with different calorie numbers for the same kind of meal. Partially the reason why the numbers can change so much is because of the different sizes of egg you can buy at the grocery store. You can find regular size eggs, and even jumbo sized eggs as well. Of course when you purchase the jumbo sized eggs, they are going to be packed with slightly more calories than the regular eggs.

Another reason why it my be hard to find information on the calories in egg is because of all the different styles of egg meals that can be cooked. Between scrambled eggs, over easy style, poached, hard boiled, and may other egg styles, the amount of calories can vary. That is why we give you the opportunity to check out our very nicely structured chart pertaining to the amount of calories in egg, and even the amount of protein that is packed in each egg style as well.

Not only do we supply you with this great calorie counting chart, but also share a link to a very credible source in information about eggs and egg styles. You will certainly find it safe to say that is a very informative and even credible website when it comes to this subject matter.

Are you one of those people who have a certain condition where you are not suppose to eat very many eggs? Maybe even a health condition that could be effecting your heart? Well, the main reason sometimes certain people are suppose to stay away from eggs when they have certain conditions is because of the yolk. The egg yolk is the part that is packed with cholesterol. The yolk is also packed with high levels of essential fats an vitamins.

However, sometimes it is best for those people who have certain conditions, to strictly eat egg whites instead of the whole egg. The egg white is the main source of protein from the egg, so you will still get the benefits from eating it as part of your diet. The really cool thing about this also is that, between eating a whole egg, and just the egg white, there really isnt much of a difference in taste. Especially if you plan to make an omelet with healthy types of meats such as turkey.

You can even cut up different kinds of peppers and onions to throw in it as well for extra flavor. Another trick to kick start your metabolism into high gear is putting hot sauce on your eggs. One brand of hot sauce in particular is extremely good about making your stomach want to burn calories and incinerate fat is Tabasco sauce. If you dont believe that, then you can look up the woman who drank Tabasco sauce straight out of the bottle before and while she ran for exercise.

Calories In Egg

A straight answer to the question “How many calories in egg?” is not always possible. It depends on whether the egg is cooked or raw, and the species of bird it came from. It even depends on which part of the egg you are talking about. Although the yolk and the white of an average chicken’s egg contain almost equal amounts of carbohydrate (roughly 0.3 grams each in a large example), the yolk has 80% of the egg’s total calories. A chicken’s egg, such as you’d find in your local grocery store will contain between 70-80 calories, depending on how big it is.

Calories In Egg

What is the Calories Myth?

When it comes to dieting and weight loss, eggs have secrets of their own. For a start, some eggs can actually help you lose weight. Yes, it’s true. Before we get on to that, let’s take a look at how eggs can help keep you healthy.

When it comes to cholesterol, eggs have had an unfairly bad press. To say that eating eggs will increase the cholesterol levels in your blood is, quite frankly, incorrect. In 2009 a study of more than 21,000 people showed that eating up to six eggs a week (just under one a day) had no significant effect on a normal adult’s cholesterol levels. The only possible exception is people with diabetes, who should be more careful and perhaps seek the advice of a doctor before increasing their egg consumption.

Eggs aren’t bad for you: on the contrary, they can do you lots of good. They are an important source of protein, iodine and vitamins A, B3 and D. In fact, egg yolks are one of the very few foods that contain vitamin D, which we normally extract by exposure to sunlight. Raw egg contains essential nutrients that said the nervous system, brain, hormones and glands; some of which are reduced by cooking processes. It is thought that sulphur amino acids can help to keep you young.

Choline is an essential nutrient found in large doses in eggs. Not only is choline good for you, it’s vital for the body to remain healthy. Because it is usually found in foods like fatty meats and liver, dietary advice means that people are often deprived of choline. In 2005 a National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey found that only 2% of postmenopausal women consume the recommended intake of choline. A large hardboiled egg contains approximately 113 mgs of choline and 80 calories. To get the same dose, you’d have to eat 1.5 cups of peanuts (1640 calories), more than two cups of kidney beans (980 calories) or a pound of spinach (154 calories)!

If you are concerned with the health effects of eating eggs, you can eat the white with almost impunity. Over 50% of the calories in eggs come from the fat in the yolk. Of that, only a quarter of that is saturated fat containing LDL (the “bad” type of) cholesterol. The egg white consists primarily of water (87%) and contains no cholesterol or fat.

Have you heard of the Egg Diet? This is basically a weight-loss plan that involves eating lots of eggs (which are packed with protein) and very little carbohydrate. Breakfast consists of something like 6-8 eggs eaten without toast. Recommended methods are to scramble your eggs (without butter or cream – maybe a glug of extra-virgin olive oil) or maybe you want to crack your eggs and make an omelette, with fried onions and perhaps peas, sweetcorn, cheese or maybe prawns. Lunch carries on the same way, adding low-carb vegetables and salad. And so it goes on…

Another twist on the egg diet theme is the Egg and Grapefruit Diet, which adds half an unsweetened grapefruit to each meal. Both of them are really variations of the Atkins weight-reduction program, simply replacing meat protein with eggs – and maybe grapefruit. This is a fad diet and I do not recommend you follow it. Aside from the potential cholesterol problem, which follows consuming a week’s recommended intake of eggs at every meal, fad diets never work in the long run. Another downside is that fruit is doesn’t play a part in the egg diet, and the lack of fibre is quite alarming.

Can eggs be dangerous?

Calories In Egg

Aside from the dietary worries we go into elsewhere in this article, one very real danger from eggs is the possibility of food poisoning. This is especially true for vulnerable groups such as toddlers and young children, anyone who is already ill, the elderly and pregnant women. Eggs can contain salmonella bacteria, which is a bug that can cause serious illness.

Raw or lightly cooked eggs are the main cause of food poisoning, which in its mildest form may be hardly noticeable in fit, healthy adults. One way around this is to use pasteurised (or heat-treated) eggs. Storing eggs is also important. They should ideally be kept in the special compartment in the refrigerator. Keep them away from other foods, especially ones that will be eaten raw.

Many health practitioners advocate that we eat raw eggs, which can be a problem for some people, not least because of the dangers outlined above. Our advice would be to go ahead and eat raw egg, but only when you are confident with the source of your eggs. Infected eggs only come from chickens that are ill or when eggs are contaminated by exposure to them. Organic and free range eggs are best and if you can.

Eggs come in all shapes and sizes and different types contain different amounts of calories. For example, a raw goose egg weighs around 150 grams and contains 240 calories, whereas the same from a quail weights 14 grams, with 20 calories. Much depends on how you cook your egg. A medium boiled hen’s egg comes in at around 75-80 calories. Fry it and you are adding as many calories as the fat you cook it in.

There is more to find out than the bare facts such as how many calories does an egg contain. Here’s a Youtube video that contains some surprising information about eating eggs. It’s a little long, but you should definitely watch it all the way through.

Parts of The Egg

You also have to consider which parts of the egg you are eating. The shell is not edible, so you don’t have to be concerned with its calories; the two main parts of concern are the egg yolk and egg white. The yolk, or yellow part in the center of the egg, contains most of the calories. You can significantly reduce your calorie intake by choosing to eat mainly egg whites. For example, a typical large egg has 76 calories; only 16 of those calories come from the egg whites. However, you may sacrifice some protein or other nutrients if you eat only egg whites.
Significance of Knowing Calorie Count

If you enjoy eggs but are concerned about how many calories in an egg, you should consider some methods of decreasing calorie count in your eggs. For example, you can make scrambled eggs with water instead of milk to decrease the calorie count. Another popular way of reducing the calories in eggs is to mainly eat egg whites. As mentioned earlier, the egg yolk contains protein, so you may want to consider using one egg yolk for every two or three egg whites rather than eliminating egg yolks altogether.

In addition to knowing how many calories you’re consuming when you eat eggs, you should consider some other facts to help protect your health. First, egg yolks contain cholesterol. Even though studies have shown that it is safe to eat eggs every day, you may want to reduce your consumption if you are concerned about cholesterol problems. You should also be careful handling eggs and wash your hands before and after touching raw eggs to protect yourself from salmonella and other bacteria. To reduce your risk of disease, you should never eat eggs that are runny or otherwise not thoroughly cooked.

Now that you understand more about the calorie count in eggs, you’re equipped to make wiser decisions about your egg consumption. In addition to limiting the amount of eggs you eat per week, you should pay attention to how many eggs you use in recipes so that you don’t overindulge in foods that contain a lot of eggs.

Nutritional Value Per 100 grams of a hard-boiled hen’s egg

Energy                                                                                                                    647 kJ (155 kcal)

- Tryptophan                                                                                                            0.153 g

- Threonine                                                                                                            0.604 g

- Isoleucine                                                                                                               0.686 g

- Leucine                                                                                                                   1.075 g

- Lysine                                                                                                                      0.904 g

- Methionine                                                                                                             0.392 g

- Cystine                                                                                                                  0.292 g

- Phenylalanine                                                                                                       0.668 g

- Tyrosine                                                                                                                  0.513 g

- Valine                                                                                                                      0.767 g

- Arginine                                                                                                                 0.755 g

- Histidine                                                                                                                 0.298 g

- Alanine                                                                                                                   0.700 g

- Aspartic acid                                                                                                          1.264 g

- Glutamic acid                                                                                                         1.644 g

- Glycine                                                                                                                   0.423 g

- Proline                                                                                                                    0.501 g

- Serine                                                                                                                      0.936 g

Water                                                                                                                        75 g

Vitamin A equiv.140 μg(18%)

Thiamine (vit. B1)0.066 mg(6%)

Riboflavin (vit. B2)0.5 mg (42%)

Pantothenic acid (B5)1.4 mg (28%)

Folate (vit. B9)44 μg (11%)

Vitamin B121.11 μg (46%)

Choline225 mg (46%)

Vitamin D87 IU (15%)

Vitamin E1.03 mg (7%)

Calcium50 mg (5%)

Iron1.2 mg (9%)

Magnesium10 mg (3%)

Phosphorus172 mg (25%)

Potassium126 mg (3%)

Zinc1.0 mg (11%)

Cholesterol                                                                                      424 mg

The edible part of the egg only. For these figures the shell (12%) was discarded. Percentages are relative to US recommendations for adults. Source:

foods to lose weight : Nutrition Facts & Calories

foods to lose weight

There are roughly 75-80 calories in an egg. Now you know. But my experience of losing weight told me that counting calories is of little use when trying to shed the pounds. I lost 24 pounds in 7 weeks – easily. I feel very healthy, and I didn’t spend anything to do it; in fact I think I probably saved myself money at the same time! Keep reading, and I’ll tell you how…

Obviously, the basic truth of losing weight and keeping it off is to consume less calories than your body burns up in the course of a day. For a reasonably active man that’s roughly 2,500 calories every 24 hours. For a woman, it’s something like 2,000. If only it was that easy! There are lots of factors that affect how our bodies burn up those calories, and this is where we have to be clever.

For most overweight people, wanting to eat when you don’t need to is the problem. This is where the dreaded “will-power” comes into it. I think we all know the feeling of not being hungry but at the same time, having the urge to eat something. Usually it’s a snack, cake or fast food product our body definitely does not need. Then, afterwards we feel ashamed and even worse about ourselves?

foods to lose weightThe simple fact is that there’s something inside us driving us to eat. It may be low self-esteem, or because food will “help us solve our problems”. Comfort eating. Deep down we know that a big, sticky cake or chocolate bar, full of sweetness and calories isn’t going to help, but e want it anyway. With me, the big danger food was pasta. I’d eat a big bowl that would feed four healthy Italians and then come back for more.

I also loved to eat sandwiches. For lunch, I’d maybe eat two or sometimes even three and tell myself it wasn’t as filling as a real meal. Or I’d have a risotto. Possibly followed by a cake or pastry. Do you see a trend developing here?

Pasta, bread, rice, cake, pastry… all carbohydrates.

I already knew that the Atkins Diet, which basically avoids carbs altogether, had issues associated with it. Bad breath and problems “on the toilet” were the least of it. Carbs are the body’s main source of energy and to cut them out completely is obviously madness.

The simple truth is that human beings should eat sensibly, and that involves a balanced diet. This involves eating:

Proteins: they are essential to our well-being. Sources of protein include eggs, meat, cheese, lentils, beans and other pulses and legumes, nuts and seeds.

foods to lose weight
Carbohydrates: the chief source of the body’s energy. Rice, pasta, bread, and potatoes are our main (and healthiest) sources of carbs.

Fats: another source of energy and required to absorb vitamins and minerals from the food we eat.
This is why any diet that involves cutting out these important food groups is crazy and will not work in the long run. To lose weight, I just cut out junk food and reduced my intake of carbs. I ate more fruit and vegetables and didn’t worry in the slightest about eating fat.

Eggs: yes, you would expect me to be passionate about eggs and I am. It’s been proved over and over again that eggs and dietary cholesterol do not affect cholesterol levels in the blood in any adverse way. In fact it may help by giving you the kind of cholesterol the body needs to function properly

How I lost 27 pounds in 50 days and felt great!

When I embarked on my diet, I took no account whatsoever of how many calories were in what I ate. Sometimes this can be misleading. For example, I would think nothing of eating a 200 gram pack of mixed nuts and seeds for my lunch. That would be well over 1,000 calories, but what that piece of information does not reveal is how much energy my body would use digesting it, or of the benefits of the nutrients I wouldn’t otherwise be getting.

What Is the Number of Calories in an Egg?

Here you have an extended version of how many calories in egg can be:

- if you have raw eggs, 1 small egg contains 54 calories, 1 medium egg has 63 calories, 1 large egg has 72 calories, 1 extra large egg is rich in 80 calories, and 1 jumbo egg has 90 calories;

- a whole, cooked and scrambled egg has 23 calories for a small size and 101 calories for a large size;

- if you have a whole, hard-boiled egg, there are 13 calories in a small one, and 78 calories in a large egg;

- for a large fried egg, the amount of calories is about 92;

- for a whole poached egg of a large size, there 74 calories;

- for an omelet cooked with a whole egg of a small size, the amount of calories is about 23, and with 
a whole large egg, it is 93 calories;

- a whole dried egg contains 30 calories;

- a whole, dried, glucose reduced and stabilized egg has 31 calories in it.

We hope that this information about how many calories in egg are, will be helpful for you. You can also find egg calories information on the box when you buy eggs from the supermarket, since there are some regulations as for the nutritional value requirements to be be clearly displayed to a consumer.

For breakfast, I’d have an apple followed by a typical British breakfast of fried egg, mushroom and sausage. I’m a vegetarian, so I don’t eat bacon or sausages made from meat. But no toast or cereal for me.

If I needed a snack during the day, I’d have an apple, banana or other type of fruit. Maybe a small bag of nuts or dried apricots. Anything that didn’t involve carbs

At lunchtime, I’d go for a salad with cheese or hummus. If I ate meat, I’d probably have steak or some other kind of meat. Maybe fish. The things to avoid are fish in batter or breadcrumbs, plus rice and potatoes. Especially fries.

My main meal in the evening would be what I’d normally eat if I wasn’t trying to lose shed those pounds. The only difference would be that I’d try and have wholegrain pasta or rice instead of the usual white. I’d even find room for a pudding some days. Not every day, just as a treat.

I’d also try and cut down on my alcohol intake: what dieters refer to as “empty calories” (LOL!). I like a beer, so instead of 4-5 light beers during the course of an evening, maybe I’d have one or two that were stronger. I’d also try and drink more water during the course of the day.

The big thing I noticed is that my body was satisfied with less food, especially in the morning and around lunchtime. The only problem came after dinner, when those naughty carbs would try and kid me that I needed more and more… Even so, it worked!

I know it’s very tempting to weigh yourself every day, twice a day even. Don’t do it. Your weight will fluctuate slightly and you’ll find that you’ll need to go t0 the toilet more often. Don’t worry, that’s normal. Weigh yourself once a week and set yourself a reasonable target for the next weighing. You’ll find you’ll shed the pounds and start to feel better about yourself.

This video from Fox News highlights the dangers of cutting out carbs altogether. believe me, provided you do what I did and eat lots of raw fruit, vegetables, salads, nuts and seeds, you’ll be fine:

Quail eggs Natural remedy, Nutrition Facts & Calories

Quail eggs are also recommended for those plagued with contagious digestive tract disorders such as gastritis, stomach ulcers, and duodenal ulcers. They are an effective, all-natural alternative to over-the-counter ulcer remedies that reduce stomach acid levels. By easily incorporating quail eggs into a daily diet without pills and unpleasant foods, an individual can painlessly establish lasting relief from ulcers and acid related discomfort.

quail eggs

Its recommended usage is largely based on the quail egg's high alkaline forming and antioxidant nutrients.In addition to that calories in an egg Quail are low. Clinical studies now justify using natural antioxidants to treat peptic ulcers and gastritis as both ailments are proven to be caused by oxidative stress and a free radical overload. As a food rich in selenium and Vitamin A, quail eggs qualify as an antioxidant.

Nutrients ideal for child brain development

Kid Friendly Choline Nutrition for Child Brain Building

What parent does not want their child to make great academic strides? The big question is how can they improve their child's chances of educational and lifelong success and improve memory? The acquisition of knowledge relies on both a child's memory capabilities and their level of intelligence quotient (IQ). Some parents rely on multi-vitamins and brain foods rich in vitamin B, D, and omega-3 fatty acids to help improve memory.

On the other hand, quail eggs are a natural source of choline, which produce the neurotransmitter acetylcholine, needed to improve brain development and produce smart kids. Quail eggs are also a great source of both omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, the latter not easily found in kid friendly brain foods. Moreover, the fats found in quail eggs help the body fully absorb vitamins and minerals. Kid's breakfast options are normally high in sugar and low in protein therefore, the quail egg is an optimal solution because kid's like eggs. Intelligence, including improved memory and a high IQ for kids is easily attainable with the dedicated consumption of quail eggs.

Omega-3 Fatty Acids for Fetal Brain Development

Nearly 70% of a newborn baby's brain is made up of omega 3 fats. These omega 3 fats coincide with fetal brain development, as they have a tremendous impact on the child behavioral problems, sleep patterns, and even lead to a higher IQ. Pre-Natal supplements and other foods rich in vitamins are a good choice for pregnant mothers and newborn babies, but don't you want to provide the best for your baby? What if you could provide the essential choline needed for fetal brain function, development and protection of neural cells in the brain, along with the protein, which will aid in nerve development and promote blood vessel growth, all in one healthy alternative? Well look no further, the quail egg has all the benefits of supplements without having to take a pill, and will enhance baby brain activity and improve nerve development in your baby's brain.

You will have all the key elements in helping your fetal baby brain, newborn baby, and even your infant's baby brain development, and all in one easy process. Meanwhile, you will sleep better knowing you are providing the best foundation for your child's growth and healthy brain development.

Tone your body while boosting your libido

High Protein, Low Carb Body Building

With Quail eggs, you get the high protein foods that your muscles need. Unlike many protein powders and bars riddled with wasteful fat and sugars, quail eggs do no waste extra calories on carbohydrates and fat. For those of you need to lose weight, quail eggs allow you to consider low carb diets without feeling guilty of adding excess fat and high cholesterol to your system. Now imagine feeling fuller longer than what you can expect from a shake or bar.

As an enriched source of phosphorous, proteins, and Vitamin B, Vitamin D and Vitamin E, quail eggs stimulate and nourish the prostate gland which is vital to a man's sexual health. Although many find that prescription based sexual stimulates can effectively boost a man's libido, many of these supplements suffer from side effects like cotton mouth, achiness, and stomach pains. These supplements may also be dangerous if you have ever had a heart condition or experienced a stroke or severe hypotension.

Quail eggs aren't time induced like most pills, so you won't have to worry about planning that special time. You won't have to worry about a time window when you eat quail eggs like you do with most pills. Increase your sexual stamina and potency naturally without having to feel guilty about what you eat or take supplements.

Quail eggs contain natural vitamins and proteins that are proven to increase sexual performance. When incorporated in your daily diet, quail eggs not only stimulate sexual desire and potency, they also give you energy. And unlike other sexual boosters like chocolate or pumpkin seeds, quail eggs are a low fat/ low carb aphrodisiacs that also fills you up. In addition to that calories in an egg Quail is only 71 calories compared to 155 in a chicken egg.

quail eggs

Prevention and recovery of cancer and heart disease

Inoffensive Cancer Antioxidant with Energy for Recovery

It is no surprise that the number of cancer patients is on the rise. The growth of pesticides and other unnatural treatments polluting our food and water supply are steadily increasing our exposure to toxic substances and unstable molecules (i.e., free radicals) that may lead to cancer. Antioxidant foods are recommended to prevent cancer as they protect cells from free radical damage. As a product rich in Vitamin A and selenium, quail eggs qualify as an antioxidant. What's more, they provide a tasty alternative to the many unpleasant detoxification products and antioxidant foods on the market.

Quail eggs not only prevent cancer, they benefit those undergoing cancer treatments due to its high alkaline properties that provide an environment unsuitable for cancer growth. Those cancer patients faced with harsh cancer treatments know all too well the effects on the body from chemotherapy effects or recovery following surgery to remove cancer growth. So if you are a cancer patient looking for a natural, readily available, healthy and vitamin rich solution to give you that longer lasting boost of energy, then quail eggs may be your solution. Moreover, they will help strengthen your immune system while repairing damaged tissues following cancer treatments.

Versatile Food for Overall Healthy Heart Rate

Heart disease is becoming a leading cause of death in the U.S. If you are looking for a healthy heart diet to prevent heart disease, or just looking for food, which is good at lowering blood pressure, then quail eggs are your solution. To treat heart disease, people tend to exercise and eat a healthy heart diet.

As a food low in carbohydrates and bad cholesterol, quail eggs will extend your lifespan by controlling and lowering blood pressure. Furthermore, quail eggs also improve a person's blood lipids profile. Finally, as a food rich in folic acid, Vitamin B12, iron, phosphorus, protein, riboflavin and selenium, quail eggs are any
excellent choice for reducing heart disease.


If you are among the 20% of the American population suffering from allergic rhinitis and hay fever, you are likely frustrated with the nagging symptoms of sneezing, congestion, itchy eyes and generalized fatigue. Are you struggling to find an effective remedy that is 100% natural? Quail eggs are an effective natural alternative to conventional antihistamines that help reduce mucus obstruction to airflow by inhibiting the production of harmful chemicals (e.g., histamines, IgE and free radicals) in our bodies.

Quail eggs, in particular, are an exceptionally rich source of Vitamin A and selenium thereby qualifying them as an antioxidant that can improve the lung function. Moreover, its high ratio of Omega-3 to Omega-6 fatty acids makes it a great choice for reducing inflammation without the uneasiness of applying inhalers.

So imagine your flair-ups disappearing without drowsiness from antihistamines, weight gain, the repeat application of lotions, and potentially harmful steroid treatments. Quail eggs have not only been used successfully to help combat allergies, they help maintain a healthy respiratory system and bronchial tract using the body's natural healing elements. So relax and take a deep breath.

Cultural reminders at breakfast, events & street corner canapés

Nostalgic Street Corner Canapés

Are you in the mood for food that is satisfying, quick, and easy to eat while you enjoy the city? Quail eggs are a perfect meal to eat on the go while roaming the city or enjoying street festivals. Imagine a quail egg deep fried with an orange batter just like the Filipino Kwek Kwek or Tukneneng street snack. Or throw it on a Columbian hotdog, and earn your true cultural bragging rights.

Quail eggs are also ideal for events associated with holiday or other cultural festivities. And since the shell of the egg is a natural defense to bacteria, you can rest assured that the food will not spoil or contaminate like other street corner foods. calories in an egg quail do no waste extra calories on carbohydrates and fat. For those of you need to lose weight, Finally, the quail egg will keep you energized while not upsetting your stomach from acidic foods or foreign parasites.

Authentic Homeland Food for the Traditionalist at Heart

A key to having a cultural festivity is to have the ability to offer authentic foods that help replicate your traditional celebration. The quail egg serves that purpose by offering a familiar taste that is used in many Asian food dishes and Asian food recipes. So why feel obliged to imitate your heritage with westernized substitutes? Instead, you can maintain your cultural celebrations with a familiar tasting quail egg that does not compromise your traditional Asian customs.

For many, the quail egg itself is a distinct delicacy that sets some cultures apart. Consequently, its distinct flavor and decorative appeal can bring life to many Asian celebrations as patrons share their homeland ties. Quail eggs also have the appropriate size and ingredients to complement many of the miniaturized appetizers so common to Asian dishes.

Asian Breakfast Just Like Home

Do you wake up in the morning and have that homeland craving of foods you used to enjoy back home? Being away from home can cause serious cravings for familiar foods you long to consume. One way to satisfy your cultural morning appetite is to eat quail eggs. As a main staple in the Asian diet, quail eggs will bring back the memories of Vietnamese bánh baos, Chinese steamed buns or Pad Thai recipes. What's more, you can prepare several different dishes from this egg with ingredients close to home.

egg nutrition facts

Early morning you surely want to eat your breakfast. Usually, an egg is always present in your meal in whatever kind of serving. Eggs has a lot of health benefits even if you eat it on raw. There are a lot of reasons why you need to love eggs. Did you know that eggs are made with all natural and packed with a lot of number of nutrients? One egg has approximately thirteen important vitamins and minerals in different amounts of quality protein, unsaturated fats and anti-oxidants equivalent to seventy calories.

 calories in an egg

The nutrients founded in an egg can help you with your weight management, strengthen your muscles, eye health, brain function and even a healthy pregnancy. This is because of the presence of a choline which is present in all types of eggs. Eggs can be identified according to where and when they are come from. But the most common one in the market is the chicken eggs. Have you ever heard of calories in egg white?

Aside from its color white, circular or oblong shape and delicious taste an egg has 2 sections inside the shell which is called the egg yolk and the egg white. Usually, people don’t appreciate the essence of the egg white since it is just like water that surrounds the egg yolk. Did you know that calories in an egg white have an approximately 70 cal? Yes, and it is one of the best food to offer for those persons who wants to lose or maintain weight.

The amount of calories for each egg always depends on how it is served. A serving of one egg can give you a lot of energy throughout your day since it has calories in an egg white. Some of the eggs has calories in egg white amounting up to seventy five calories but contains seven grams of high-quality proteins, five grams of fat, and one point six grams of saturated fat together with health elements like iron, vitamins, calories and minerals.

An egg is best described as the powerhouse for disease fighting nutrients. If you happen to be served with an egg cooked without added fat, it has 17 calories. Also with a hardboiled egg it contains 17 calories. An element called carotenoids can help reduce the risk of aging problems that can lead to complete blindness for old adults. It is also good for developing your brain such as your memory. Remember to store you egg properly particularly in your refrigerator then cook it to kill the bacteria.

This could be one example of a daily challenge that could eventually help people preserving their precious life. Because as far as we are concern, we only have one life and once that life is gone, then obviously it would be the end of us. So, starting now, we must know on how to take care of our bodies.

You are what you eat, this statement usually revolves around in the internet and of course this is a familiar statement for all people. This statement usually identifies people who are not really concern with their health. As usual, people who are not concern with their health usually end up having different kinds of diseases compared to those people who are health conscious ones. As a human, we must also know on how to take care of our bodies. So, as early as today, we must learn on how to calculate our daily food intake in order to live a healthy life.

Egg Protein

Egg Protein : An egg is laid by a female animal. Humans eat eggs for thousands of years. It is composed of an air cell, shell, white and yolk. Eggs are one of the easiest and most inexpensive food products which are rich in proteins. Protein is the building blocks of life. It is primarily found in every cell of the human body, such as the skin, hair, muscles and organs. Protein has six primary function. It is vital in cell formation and repair. Children in their growing years needs grow foods which is rich in protein to help for the formation and development of new cells. Protein also contributes for the supply of energy to keep the body going.

The amount of protein an egg contain depends on the size of the egg. A small egg contains 4.8 grams of protein. A medium sized egg has 5.5 grams of protein and a large egg encloses 6.3 grams of protein. 57% of which is found on the egg white and the remaining 42% is on the egg yolk. A boiled egg has a daily protein percent value of 26% according on a 2000 calorie diet. Daily values may differ according to caloric needs, it may be higher or lower.

Not only will the protein build cells and tissue, it is also involved in the formation of hormones which are body’s chemical messengers and antibodies that fights infection. Furthermore, enzymes are proteins the increases the rate of chemical processes in the body which helps in the digestion of the foods eaten to make it in its simpler form for body use. Transportation is as well a function of proteins. For example, hemoglobin is a protein that carries oxygen in the body. Protein plays a vital role in the homeostasis of all living things.

A nutritionally well-balanced diet offers adequate protein. It depends upon your age and health status.  Kwashiorkor is a protein-energy malnutrition that occurs when there is not enough protein in the diet. It is characterized by edema, moodiness, anorexia, fatigue, lethargy. To prevent this from happening, sufficient amount of protein should be digested.

Sometimes, we cannot really deny the fact that when we are hungry, we cannot already calculate our daily calorie intake inside of our body. Especially when we wake up during breakfast time, when we sit in the table, we already immediately eat anything that is visible in our eyes. I bet that all people are doing these kinds of activity, however, for those who are health conscious ones, they cannot easily eat all things because they need first to calculate their calorie intake every meal so that they are able to know on how to limit their food intake every day.

People who are health conscious ones usually calculate on how many calories in an egg they shall take during breakfast. This is a good practice because as we all know, an egg contains not only high cholesterol but also it contains high amount of calories. So, calculating on how many calories in egg would be a great practice every day. Also, calculating on how many calories in an egg everyday could balance your daily food intake and therefore it is possible that you could live a clean and healthy life.

calories in an egg

Eggs have been incorporated in a man’s diet since time can tell. It has been part of our meals, and an important ingredient to different cuisines and recipes. People of from all over the world have been consuming eggs, cooking it in different variety and flavors. So one of the important question is: “how many calories in an egg white?”

For body-conscious people, you might want to ask how many calories in an Egg white there is. This is because if you are looking to cut on your calories, fat and cholesterol, from your daily diet, ingesting egg whites is a very good option. Research today has found out that an omelet made of egg whites rather than an omelet made up of whole eggs for breakfast is better in terms of calorie content. Egg whites contain a significant lesser amount of calories while still giving the natural taste of eggs.

For people curious enough to ask the question “how many calories in an egg white”, the answer is simple. For one serving of large egg, the calorie in an egg white is 17 calories. In addition, for 1 oz of serving of egg white, it contains 15 calories.52 calories have been extracted upon ingesting 100g of egg white, and for 1 cup of egg white, it approximately amounts to 126 calories. In addition to its Nutrition facts, a serving of large egg also contains 55mg of Sodium and 54 mg of Potassium, for a total of 2% in terms of its concentration. Total Fat content is as low as 0.06g, Total Carbohydrate is around 0.24 g, and Protein content is approximately 3.6g, which makes eggs as a rich source of proteins.

On the other hand, whole eggs contain more calories. For one serving of large-sized egg, calorie content is 71 calories. Compared to ingesting egg whites only, that is a difference of 54 calories. So in doing the math, if a person would normally prefer to consume 2 eggs for a single setting of breakfast that would be a total of 142 calories, compared to just 34 calories in egg whites. This is why asking questions such as “how many calories in an egg white” becomes very important. To add more, cholesterol content of a single whole egg is 211 mg, while for egg whites, it is practically almost zero milligrams. Total Fat content of whole eggs is a whopping 4 g compared again to almost zero grams of egg whites.

This clearly means that how many calories in an egg white is indeed very important especially for persons who maintain a selected level of calories to be ingested per day. So the next time you want use eggs in order to cook omelet for breakfast, you might want to consider using Egg whites instead. In this very practical option, you will be able to enjoy your meals at the same time remain fit with lesser calorie intake. And if you are able to maintain this type of diet daily, then the reduced calories you can get will go a long way in promoting health to your body and preventing unwanted diseases or complications.

The calories in an egg white are very important since calories are essential to our body. This can give you energy and strength throughout the day. So it is best to start your day eating an egg. Calories are not easy to burn. If you aspire to have a perfect body and diet you need a less intake of calories. The calories in an egg white will be your best buddy in eating.

One most common and popular serving during breakfast is the egg with any serving either sunny side up or boiled egg. Did you know that it has egg white calories? Since an egg is composed with two parts; the egg yolk and egg white you can get a lot of health benefits.

Benefits of eating boiled eggs regularly : Nutrition Facts & Calories

Nowadays, most of the people were searching for the best and easiest procedures to make their body healthier without taking any medicines. The person interested in bodybuilding should follow a diet schedule that contains more calories and less fat. It would be useful for them to maintain their body trim and fit without increase in their weight. So, they can get some useful information about the best procedures to make their body healthier without taking medicines and other supplements.

calories in an egg

The egg is one of the best natural products that contain more proteins and other important things. So, the bodybuilders were advised to take egg regularly to get more strength. The details about how many calories in an egg boiled would be useful for the people to get some information about the benefits of taking eggs regularly. One should use the resources available on the internet properly to find the best ways to make their body fit without any health related problems.

The person interested in making their body fit and trim without gaining weight should follow the diet schedule properly. The diet schedule should contain egg because of the nutrients and proteins available in it. Taking eggs regularly will increase the protein content of the human body and it would be useful for them to make their body attractive. The person interested to get details about how many calories in a boiled egg should go through the healthcare sites providing information about the benefits of taking eggs regularly.

One must go through the details provided on the internet completely before taking eggs to maintain their body. It is important for the consumers to take the egg and egg products in a limited quantity. So, they can avoid health related problems like jaundice. The suggestions provided on the healthcare websites about the benefits of taking eggs would be helpful for the people. Egg is one of the natural products that do not harm the human health. Any person can take eggs without any restrictions to maintain their body.

The eggs do not harm the human health and it is useful for the consumers to get more strength without taking huge food. So, most of the physicians were suggesting the people to take eggs on a regular basis to avoid health related problems. Any person can take eggs without any restrictions to become healthier without taking medicines. It is important for the people to go through the suggestions provided on the World Wide Web about the ways to take eggs.

One can get some useful information about how many calories in an egg boiled  by doing their research on the internet. It will be helpful for them to get some additional details about the ways to add eggs with their diet schedule. At the same time, the details provided on the internet about the best procedures to make a diet schedule effective would be helpful for the people. The person interested to make their body fit should go through the details suggested on the healthcare sites.

Make your body fit by eating eggs regularly

calories in an egg

The person interested to know about the procedures to make their body fit without increase in their weight should consult with a dietitian. The dietitians were suggesting their clients to follow a diet plan that do not affect their health. It would be useful for them to schedule their diet properly based on their body conditions. The most important thing is one should follow the instructions provided by the dietitian to prepare their food. The person taking eggs should do some regular exercises to improve the impressive appearance of their body.

The web pages describing about how many calories in a boiled egg will provide assistance for the people to make their body trim by doing some regular exercises. Doing exercises with gym workouts and taking eggs regularly would be useful for the people to increase their muscle strength. So, they can easily make their body impressive and get more strength without any problems. One can get some useful information about the benefits of taking eggs by doing their research.

The information provided on the web pages about the ways to make your body trim and fit will assist you to follow some regular exercises. At the same time, it is important for the people to know about the proteins, choline and vitamins present in eggs. Most of the experts were telling that egg is an excellent source of vitamin d and it would be useful for the consumers to get more energy.

The person interested to know about how many calories in a boiled egg can consult with a dietitian. The dietitian will provide guidance for the clients to take eggs in proper manner that do not affect their health conditions. Any individual can follow the diet schedule that is having egg products. It will not affect the human health and it would be useful for the followers to lose their weight without any problems. Interested person to take eggs regularly should take it after boiling it.

The boiled egg is healthier than the raw egg, so one should take eggs after boiling it. It would be useful for the consumers to maintain their health conditions properly without any problems. The suggestions provided on the healthcare sites about how many calories in a boiled egg will assist the new people to know about the benefits of taking eggs regularly. Most of the bodybuilders were taking eggs regularly to maintain their body. The calories in an egg would be converted into energies and it increases the muscle strength.

The individual looking for the best procedures to gain more muscles without increase in their weight can take eggs regularly. The egg does not contain fat, so the consumers do not need to worry about overweight. The suggestions provided by the experienced dietitians would be useful for the new people to know about the health benefits of taking eggs regularly. One can prepare delicious recipes with eggs as the primary ingredient. The sites providing details about the ways to prepare recipes would be useful for the people to make recipes with egg without any difficulties.